Sample Work

Uncle Vanya

Vanya’s Regret from DDiB

Below are selections from past client project work. To discuss your upcoming project or event, contact me.

Sound Design and Music

These Seven Sicknesses

by Sean Graney

directed by Wes Savick
with associate directors Ryan Began and Arissara Chounchiasit

“Drums and Drones”
Selected background and scene transition music that I improvised and recorded for These Seven Sicknesses. Some of this was done in the studio, and some of this was captured as I played live for actors on stage during rehearsal. As a result, the music was the perfect length for the moment it accompanied.

On The Verge

“Terra Incognita”
Original abstract musical underscoring, On The Verge by Eric Overmyer, at Central Square Theater. Original work based on a piano performance by Wes Savick.


Jungle Animals
This is a field recording that I slowed to create some animal sounds that were part of a sonic environment.

Fool for Love

Cue 100
The final moment of the play leading into the curtain call, Fool for Love by Sam Sheppard, directed by Bridget O’Leary for New Repertory Theater. Sound design, editing. Song: “I’m the One That Loves You” by Merle Haggard.

DVD Project

Original background music for Military Medicine DVD menu.


Charles Hayden Program Promotion

Online advertisement

Doris Day in Belarus

ddib poster anim test

Preshow Animation based on DDiB Poster Art

a play by Wes Savick
for Suffolk University Theater

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DDiB Dancers

DDiB Dancers

“Russian Dance Party” played during the dance number in Act 2. This is a Beatles-inspired music video meant to back up the dance and get the crowd excited. For fun, I tried to tell a story in the video about the evolution of dance. Near the beginning of the video we see classical ballet and ends with imagery from a modern day nightclub. Bailey Costa’s lighting design and Maxine Buretta’s costumes were strong color influences in my choices.


Bill’s lament.

The Sandwich is a video interlude that played during a scene transition in Doris Day in Belarus, a play by Wes Savick written for Suffolk University Theater. In this, the characters Bill and Marge are seen in happier times after the audience has just seen them break up. This was a very late addition to the production, and we had a lot of fun conceiving of it and then shooting it in very short order. There is no sound in this version. In the play, this played in various shapes and sizes on thirteen TVs and was backed by some melodramatic opera singing. Andrew (Bill) stood on a chair with the symbol of his love (the sandwich) and pines for his lost love while lip-syncing to Paganini.


Jim met Doris Day?

J and M (Jim and Marilyn) is a video scene starring the wonderful James Kaufman and Dr. Marilyn Plotkins, both of Suffolk University. It played at the top of Act 2 of Doris Day in Belarus. In the scene, a student (voiced by Victoria) interviews Dr. Plotkins as she is trying to have a lunch meeting and field several phone calls. Jim remembers a tale from his past that gives the play its title.

This was a fun collaboration between Jim and Marilyn on screen and director Wes Savick and me offscreen. The dialogue Wes wrote feels authentic, especially for an audience so familiar with these two figures in the department. I tried to work the camera in a way that to me said excited student without being distracting. The scene ended up being funny and melancholy, and the audience loved it.

Segway Tours

Promotional Video for partnership between Museum of Science and Segway of Boston.

Inside Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed

Exhibition at the Museum of Science, Boston
Social Media Sneak Preview Video


Exhibition at the Museum of Science, Boston
Television advertisement.

Created from existing imagery and video. The original voice over was rejected and the client suggested I do the read. They liked it and wanted to use it, which resulted in my accidental television debut. The budget was tight for this project, so we used licensed music from a library the client owned.

Social media teaser video

Performance group Ten31 were hired to do several events promoting the Pompeii exhibit. This one was done over several hours one morning in Boston’s South Station as commuters streamed through the historic building.

Brian Greene: The Hidden Reality

Lecture at the Museum of Science, Boston
Lecture Video

Apollo Robbins
The Gentleman Thief

Lecture at the Museum of Science, Boston
Lecture Video

I requested that Mr. Robbins perform something for the video audience because there were concerns about showing his entire show in the archived program. He was happy to oblige, and I went for a nightclub feeling. Mr. Robbins chose to perform a beautiful coin effect. The licensed music lends an air of playful intrigue.

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