Doris Day In Belarus

My Role: Video Content Design, Video System Design and Implementation

These photos give some context to my work on Doris Day in Belarus. My system included thirteen HDTVs which were powered by four Mac Pros. Part of the plan from inception was to solicit video clips from alumni, which can be seen in some of the scenes in the slideshow. Some video played behind the onstage action and some stood alone, moving the story forward while actors took a brief break backstage. In a few scenes, actors onstage conversed and responded to recorded faculty members on the screens.

Written and Directed by Wes Savick
Suffolk University Theatre Department
November 2015
This was the final faculty show in the Studio Theater before the University sold the Donahue Building. The play was largely about coming to terms with change and the loss of a beloved place. It was a real honor to be able to work on this show.

Video Design by Matt Griffin
Scenic Design by Raya Louise Malcolm and Kelsey Jenkins
Lighting Design by Bailey Costa
Costume Design by Maxine Buretta
Sound Design by J. Hagenbuckle
Choreography by Sydney Grant

Photos by Stratton McCrady

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